Buying a family member off us.


For the right home, a Stafford is a handsome addition and a long life companion.

Remember you are adding a new member to your family for the next 10 or more years.

You may have known someone who has, or you yourself have purchased a "backyard" bred dog or a pet store or puppy mill dog and had great success.

They were lucky, Why take the chance?

Responsible breeders will do all they can to avoid health and temperament problems by researching pedigrees and screening parents for certain inherited problems before breeding.

Most Breeders want to see their dogs placed in loving,responsible homes, they are careful about who buys their animals.

 So as A new perspective parent, prepare yourself for interrogation from us breeder.


Buying a puppy should not be an impulsive endeavour, it is never wise to rush out and buy just any puppy that catches your shopping eye.

The more time and thought you invest, the greater your satisfaction with you and your new companion.

You must seek out an active sturdy puppy with bright eyes and an intelligent expression.
The coat must be clean and plush, with no signs of fleas or other parasites.

 The premises should be clean, by sight and smell.


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have....

Feel free to ask us anything as we will ask alot of you ...

 Your new member will come with,


*** L2-GHA and HC Clear 


*** Vet Checked.
*** Vaccinated.
*** Microchiped.
*** Wormed Regularly.
*** Started heart worm and Flea treatment.
*** Registered with Dogs NSW.
*** Puppy Pack & Information.


My puppy pack contains a piece of vet bed, toys for your baby, many other different peices will also be added.. Some kibble to keep you baby going for a few days plus much more ..

Also our babies come with grandparents ( us ) that want to know all about them for the rest of their lifetime.

We will be happy to answer your questions anytime and are here always 24/7 for our grand children.








Contact Details

Kylie & Garry Smallwood
Richmond, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]